Leading UK business coach Stuart Ross is building upon his expertise working with high growth organisations to launch ‘Business Mindfulness’, a service that will enable employees and organisations to make decisions and effect changes that benefit both the bottom line and individual wellbeing.

The forward thinking companies will be coached in the elements of business mindfulness; environment, organisation, team and individual responsibility, and learn how to cultivate qualities including awareness, empathy and contemplation.

‘We need to get away from the yoga only image of mindfulness, positive though that is, there is massive untapped potential in the corporate world’ commented Stuart Ross.

‘The concept for business mindfulness has really taken off across the Atlantic, yet is relatively new over here in the UK. Lost days due to stress related illnesses are estimated at 105 million but what about underperformance, poor-decision making and lack of job fulfilment for those who still turn up. The opportunity cost is huge.’

The service will be bespoke to each organisation, both in terms of content mix and time scale. A full programme will typically be implemented over a number of months and comprise a mix of workshops and individual coaching.

Stuart continued:

‘Business Mindfulness can counteract some of the negative aspects of businesses today such as the obsession with hitting goals, ego driven cultures and list ticking mentality. It will encourage better decision making, create teams that are aligned and buy into organisational culture, lead to an openness to transformational change and ultimately develop more humane and satisfying work environments. It’s a double win for those that buy into Business Mindfulness, as it helps to create competitive business advantage and greater employee satisfaction’.


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